Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alice's Economic Stimulus Package.

Yes, I am having a Garage Sale ( sans the garage)
Why? Because I am all about helping America ( or Madison County) through these hard economic times
And because I have a butt-load of children's clothes and not a butt-load
of closet space.
So here are the details
Boys clothes up to size 7
Girl clothes up to size 4- and some bigger
Fraley's Gift shop sale items. This is a great way to stock up on some awesome teacher gifts and birthday gifts.
Children's books and toys
Some furniture.
Children's costumes
Some men's and women's clothing
And a kid or two depending on the price!!!!!haha.

When is this garage sale? Friday 7:30am
I will have a .25$ table of hundreds of children's clothes. This will be your greatest bargain!!!

So there you got it. My contribution to the economic stimulus package


Anonymous said...

Its really great!!!!thanks for the information....good luck for your Garage sale..
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