Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Turkey day at My House!?!?!

Oh, holy granola!!!

I will hopefully be having all the fam at my home for Thanksgiving. Do you know what

this means?? Cooking the hallowed bird. This is major important stuff at our house,

speaking of stuffing... I've never cooked it before. YIKES!!!

So, to anyone who reads this blog. I am reaching out through modern technology for some

major advice,recipes, help.... You know ... any great tips from you guys.

I have visions of the perfectly decorated table...

Everyone in cute sweaters

Children playing outside in the snow, just kidding, I live in Texas. (hopefully we can put away the plastic pool)Har Har.

Please send any advice so that my dreams don't turn into some crazy movie( Christmas Vacation)

And yes, I am a month early. But how much fun will this be to stress over for 29 days!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Going All Fallish at my house

In honor of some of my favorite blog sites, I am showing off my very limited talents of decorating. I know I have made some major decor faux-pas, but this is all I can do.

The stars were copied from Kimba at www.asoftplacetoland-kimba.blogspot.com She is totally my hero!!!! They will later become teacher gifts. Shh....don't tell.
The pumpkin was from my terrific mom-in-my heart( hate the term in-law!!!!)
Now she is the decorating diva. her store Larrison Creek has some yummy things for the holidays and stuff just for girlie girls.
Well critic all you want but just say nice things to my face, remember, I'm still hurting from my fight with the you know whats!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yep, those little suckers can burn ya!!

I know this is pretty gross, but yes, I have second degree burns on four of my fingers, from a pop-tart (brown sugar flavor).
So, the little-ity, bitty warning label on the side is correct.. these little suckers can burn ya if your toaster is 18 years old and your settings no longer works and you can feed a family of four with the crust in the bottom tray.
I am trying to come up with another reason on how I burned my little fingers. If you have another story that I can tell people, post them, because I am tired of getting the..are you kidding me, a pop-tart, girl what did you do, light it on fire? look.
Or this.. did you burn it on the icing or the filling? ....
Help and sympathy are needed, because i am tired of the laughter!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

You won't believe this

If you look back a couple of blogs, you will read the praises of Ugly Mug Coffee.

Well..... Monday I received an email from the founder of Ugly Mug thanking me for the kind

words. In appreciation they wanted to send me free coffee.

Now, believe me, I was sceptical. No one sends me free stuff, just because.

But Lo and Behold

A package arrived at my office, via, UPS, from Ugly Mug.

Inside were, not one, but two bags, "Saving Grace" blend and

"hazelnut" blend. but wait...... they also sent the kiddos a can of hot chocolate.

Are you believing this???? For real!!!!!!! But I'm not done. He sent my Brother a box.

YES, I'm not lying!!!!!

Enclosed was the sweetest card "Let's make Texas Ugly" again from Mark the Founder


For any of you crazy Moms who are involved in any way with your kids PTO's, they

have fundraiser opportunities for schools. Now I am a big fan of TUBs of cookie dough

(YUK) But what better to go with a warm cookie than hot chocolate and coffee.

So, I am letting you all know what a great company these cool people are.

They are eco-friendly. They are involved in several wonderful organizations that

help third world countries. TOO COOL

Mark, the founder, personally sent me the box with a handwritten letter. (I still

adore handwriten anything) I told him if I wasn't happily married.....well, you know what
I said. Anyhoo, go to the website and visit. Tell them I sent you!!!!
Next time I will be singing the praises of the new Suburban!!!!! Watch what I get in
the mail!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Missing my camera!!!!

I have been lost for a month and a half without my camera. Hubby had to take it on the road with him. So now my memory card has 500 pics of damaged roofs, missing siding, or fallen fences. I know that I will soon be reunited with my baby( and my husband!!!) But till then, I have to go way back into my files for pics. I did run across this one.

With the help of Jill, Hillary, Lacy, and Rishanne, We had a great time celebrating my B-Day at Abuelos and helping me shop for my cruise !!!!!-They were my fashion police( think- What Not To Wear) I bought this dress for my Cruise in August. It was a steal for $25 at Dillards. Yes-way!!!! I am not kidding. The wrap was curtesy of Rishanne. It was perfect and it hid my arms( my worst feature-besides my thighs.) I had to throw in this pic of Hubby. That's where he wanted to stay the whole cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the midnight buffet with lots of Chocolate and jazzy fruit.

You know, we really did have a good time, despite all the dissappointments along the way. ( I'll never see Cozamel)

And, we got to eat fish tacos at my favorite restaurant in Galveston before Hurricane Ike. I don't know what happened to Shrimp and Stuff, but I can't imagine it not being there. It was a landmark in my food obsessed mind.

Looking back, I can appreciate just the time Hubby and I got to spend together, now that he has been away for over a month. God has a way of putting things into perspective.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wild Nights at Bunco

Bunco was too much fun at Lacy's in August. We decided to take a group pic. the first(if i blog it correctly) is normal, but look at the second. Someone suggested to everybody to "close your eyes and open them real wide". It is hilarious. We are crazy girls!!!!! They said it made your eyes bright. I think we look like we are trying not to look drunk!!! We aren't drunk, by the way!!! But anyho, I think i have the most beautiful friends ever. And can you believe they are more gorgeous on the inside? How lucky am I !!!!! I can see Christ in each of them. I see great moms or great friends or great wives, can't you see it too?
Yes you are seeing double, I just don't know how to erase the small picture from my blog.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Tonight our Vice Presidential candidates will be debating at Washington University in Missouri. All eyes will be on Sarah Palin. Most will be watching for her to make a mistake. Some will be wishing for her to fall on her face tonight. The media will discet everything she says to find a way to make her look ignorant.

I am asking for you to pray for Her today. While you are in your car or in the bathroom, just take a moment to pray for the debate moderators, the audience, and for Sarah Palin that God will shoulder her tonight. Lift her and her family up in your prayers tonight. While you are at it pray for our government bailout. It's not pretty but we need something. While you are at it just pray for our country.