Friday, April 25, 2008

My sister sent me this poem and I just loved it. I wish I had a photo of my sweet sis, Natalie. She is beautiful inside and out. She and her husband Lee are raising two beautiful daughters. I hope I can instill these words of wisdom to my daughter. This poem was written by Audrey Hepburn when asked to give her "beauty tips". It was read at her funeral. WOW!!

By Audrey Hepburn
For Attractive Lips
Speak words of kindness
For Lovely Eyes
Seek out the good in people
For a Slim Figure
Share Food with the Hungry
For Beautiful Hair
Let a Child run his or her fingers through
your hair once a day
For Poise
Walk with the knowledge that you never
walk alone.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

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We Love Marty Blog

I first want to thank everyone who have been praying for Matt's cousin, Marty Fraley. God Is Still In The Miracle Business!!!!! This is our new motto. Marty's sister Angela, created a blog site for updates, address info, and fundraising information. Please go to and post your comments to Marty. We are hoping that He will be able to read them in the Hospital. This town is wonderful. The love that people have for each other is inspiring.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring is in the Air

I took this picture last week in my backyard. I love Amaryllis. This reminds me that I need to get outside and work in my yard. I love flowers that I don't have to do anything to them to enjoy their beauty. Just think if I actually took time what my yard would look like. My relationship with God is this way. Just think if we took the time to nurture our relationship with our Heavenly Father, what beautiful things would appear in our life. God is there, like my flowers, but I could have a yard full.

Honoring Texas History

Battle of San Jacinto
Little did we know, but the Fraley family had three ancestors who fought at the Battle of San Jacinto. Monday, the Historical Group in Madisonville honored those men from Madison County who fought by holding a ceremony at the courthouse. Our Clayton answered roll call for those three men. Because we had several ancestors who fought, the State Flag that was flown over the State Capital was flown in Clayton's name. Too Cool!!!!! He will be recieving the flag in the coming weeks.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

O.k. Here I go into the wild blue yonder. My first try at blogging may be a little hairy but I have been wanting to do this since I saw my dear friends blog sites. I guess a little history may be appropriate. I have a lovely family. My sweet Matt. 15 years, I can't believe we will celebrate 15 years of wedded something in August. Clayton is our oldest in so many ways. Not only in years, but in wisdom Oh, my wild child Carson. His passion for life tires me. He is only 7, but attacks life with such vigor. And then there was McKenna. Our little Girl. We tried not to make her a princess, but true princesses can't be held down.