Friday, September 26, 2008

My New Favorite Obsession

During our Hurricane Ike experience, I spent the week with my awesome parents in Athens. PawPaw took us to the zoo. It was McKenna's first trip to the Caldwell Zoo. We went to the park. We were so blessed to have a place with electricity. And then it happened....We had dinner at my brother Philip and his wife Tyna's house and here is where i tasted my new obsession.


Oh, sweet heaven. Thank you God for creating these lovely people who created UGLY MUG coffee. They deserve extra jewels in their crowns!!!! First, the name is too funky and cute and the package is a hoot!!!! But the taste is divine!!!!!!!! I usually have to jazz (thanks Kyley) my coffee up with sweet and low and sugar-free creamer. Sweet and low and Splenda( i just realized this, thank God I am finished baby-making!!!) My bro and sis-in-law had neither so I drank it naked. It was to die for.

Of course, she got this on a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama so I am on a mission to find it here. Of course I haven't been able to look for it anywhere because I am doing triple duty until my Baby comes home, but I promise I will not quit till it is found!! I have been dreaming of a hot mug with my cute Anita Renfro mug for a week now!!! So, to my sweet friends if you are at a specialty gift shop or someplace really cool, look for this coffee. I will be eternally in your service, I will babysit, dogsit, housesit, clean your feet, whatever!!! Then we will sit in our mansions and drink coffee like the queens we are!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LifeWay Giveaway

All Access is giving away this new Kay Arthur study. Just click here Sounds like a great book. This is a great christian women's site. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ready for Fall

I love fall. Everything about it; the weather, clothes you wear in the fall are so much more body friendly. In other words, they cover more!!! I love the fall festivals and pumpkins and apples and decorations. Here are some great sites to get you in the mood for fall.

These are just a few of my favs to go and get inspired. As many of you know, i am not crafty but I can look!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Prayers are With You

I am writing from my parents house in Athens, Tx. with such a heavy heart for so many people. I hope that my friends in the Houston area are safe. Sada, I have been thinking about you and BJ. I know he is so busy right now. I just can't get my mind off of the precious little beach town of Crystal Beach. If you search down on my other blogs, you will see how beautiful this beach front was. Now it is totally destroyed. We had such a wonderful vacati0n there in July. We ate at Steve's Landing. We shopped for our groceries at the Big Store. We went to the little Church of Christ there and met some amazing people. These places are gone and I can't help but wonder where these special people are. I kept repeating the 23rd Psalms last night. I know that God is watching over all of us. If you can read this please leave a post and let me know you are all ok. I love you and can't wait till we can all be together drinking coffee, watching our kids play together, planning ways to help Ike victims. The Lord is MY Shepherd, I shall not want!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting Braver?(is that a word?)

I have been broadening my crafty horizons lately

I recently painted my pantry door with chalkboard paint.

Clayton and I had the best time. I was inspired after a rowdy night of

Bunco to go do something outside my little box!!

The kids love it. I get to write love notes, reminders, check-list,

flowers, rainbows, happy birthday, and scribbles from McKenna.

I am blossoming into a little crafter!! Watch out you refabers and

decorators, I'm coming after you!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

O.K. here goes. I am not a writer, hence the degree in public speaking, but I have been led by the Spirit to write my heart today. Many of my friends know that I struggle with migraines almost weekly sometimes. I take medicine daily to prevent the migraines, but the side-effects are so bizzare ( numbness in my face and hands, terrible nightmares) I have meds to help when I have a migraine, but it knocks me out. Hard to run a house of three hoodlums when you are dead asleep. There has been tremendous stress I have laid upon our household lately and that doesn't help with the head at all. I feel like half a wife, half a mom, half a friend, half a faithful servant. So, where do I go from here. I GO UP!!!!!!!!!

Sunday night Matt and I laid in bed an prayed together. We prayed over everything. EVERYTHING. I felt the weights lifting as Matt spoke to God. I felt God's arms rocking me to my first full nights sleep in over 2 weeks. No headache for three days now. Why? I decided not to play doctor. I decided not to be the head decision maker in my house. I gave that job to our heavenly father. I decided to pray.

So many of my friends are suffering physically and I truly believe that Satan is using stress to compound our sufferings. Satan knows that when we are stressed we cannot effectively be who we want to be. Stress is killing me and I can see it. I am rebuking stress and satan in the name of my heavenly father. I am rebuking stress in my friends lives in the the name of our father.

Please read all of Romans 8 and 12 while you are at it. Nothing can seperate us from our Father and we are more than conquerors and overcomers in this life through the blood of Jesus. Through Christ we can overcome our fears and stress.

I feel better already.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I've Been Tagged- again

I'm still not sure what I need to be doing with all this tagging stuff. Sounds pretty difficult to me. So I don't embarrass myself, I believe I am suppossed to tell 7 strange things about myself and then tag other people right? Ok, here goes.

1. I was a music theater major in college. I thought I was going to be the next Barbara Streisand. I love to sing, but don't really make that public knowledge.

2. I have a horrible fear of my children getting run over by a lawn mower. Anxiety triples in the spring and summer months. I love the first frost!!!

3. I was also a dance major for a semester at SHSU. I can even do the catapiller.

4. I can stand on my head for long periods of time. My kids love it. This is the only reason they think I'm cool.

5. If I could live at the beach, I would. I am my happiest watching my kids play in sand or trying to catch a wave on a buggy board.

6. I have this insane fear of disappointing people. It is sometimes very hard to deal with.

7. I love love love my wonderful friends. I think I have the best and I would love to have more. the more the merrier has always been my motto.


Ok there it is. Hope you all still love me. As for tagging other people well, Rishanne, Michelle, Denise S. Sheree, Boo!!! You are tagged.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catching Up on Our Summer

As most of you know, i don't get a lot of computer time unless I am in the office helping Matt. So I am going to catch up on my summer. I love the beach and have been blessed to visit some georgous beaches in the South. Sarasota beach in Florida is by far the most beautiful. I have vacationed in the Emerald Coast of Florida's panhandle several times and the water is so amazing. So when Matt told us we couldn't afford the gas to go to Inlet beach this year I was devestated. Then my sister -in - law found out about a great beach house in Crystal Beach in Galveston. Still, I was not looking forward to going to Galveston. We have gone so many times and it just can't compare to Florida. Sounds sorta snobby, doesn't it. Well I have to say I was put in my place. We had the best time with Jim, Janice, Matt's brothers and their familes. Here are some reasons why. The beach house was so amazing. Everything was pottery barn perfect. The seashell chandellier was sooo cool. The fenced in porch was great for BBQs and smore's making. The kids all had a blast. The water was so perfect. All in all it was just a great weekend for all of us.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My little McKenna is now three. How can this happen? It is so hard to imagine that she is now potty trained, has a big girl bed( no rails), can dress herself(sorta), has so many opinions that she will tell you all about, still sucks her thumb, has a favorite color(pink), has several boyfriends(Rayce Hudson, baby Dylan Blakeley, Mason Railsback, Clay Williams) this is what we get for letting her stay at an all boy daycare!!!! She has so much love in her for so many people. She still loves her Lala and Lulu(Rick and Michelle) She loves to talk on the phone to Lacy, Mady and Lane Kelso. Her favorite person on the planet is her Memaw!!! and Papa Jim of course. She prays every meal time for everything on her plate and everybody at the table. Too precious.