Tuesday, July 29, 2008

As Crafty As It Gets

My friends are the most artistic and crafty friends. I am so amazed at their ease with decorating. To be honest you won't find a lot of art projects on this blog site. I did try to go outside my comfort zone by making these firework hats for the kids for the Fourth of july. I found the project on Fun Family website. It is just craft foam, pipe cleaner, star cookie cutter, and double stick tape. They lasted for about 5 minutes, but it made me feel somewhat crafty. Maybe my friends will say" at least she is trying, poor thing, bless her heart."

By the way, please come to Midway on the last Saturday in June. Kris and Lacy brought there kids out and we watched in front of Fraleys Food Store. They lasted so long the kids were saying " are they done yet?" Maddie and Lane are precious in there firework hats!!!

Garage Sale Time

Sheree Wiseman and I will be having a garage sale this Friday and Saturday at Sheree's house in Midway. Sheree is moving so she will have a ton of things in the sale. I am finally cleaning out McKenna's closet. I have baby girl clothes from 0-24months. Many of you know that I have 5 nieces. Therefore I have at least 200+ baby outfits. Not one of these outfits are over $4. Most are $1. I also have a baby crib mattress, a baby girl crib bedding from Canton, a glider and ottoman, 2 recliners, carseat, etc. For my friends, I don't mind early shoppers Thursday night, just please call me and let me know when you want to come. I will be moving my stuff to Sheree's around 8, so it needs to be before that time.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Secret Obsession

I have a secret obsession. Pei Wei Pad Thai. I dream about it sometimes. Maybe it's the MSG in it that makes it so addictive. I got to go in College Station when i got my (non-spray on tanning session) sunless tanning session at the Galleria Day Spa. I'll tell that hilarious story another time. Let's just say I thought they were going to spray it on, but boy was I wrong!!!!

Good times!!LOL Anyway, i was rambling. I decided to indulge in my love for Pad Thai. Please go if you haven't. the Edemame ( spelling check please!!) is also delicous. Pad Thai is a combination of noodles, tofu, peanuts, cilantro, lime and spicy sauce. Oh sweet love!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just Because They are so Cute!!!

I had so much fun taking these pictures one afternoon. I wanted McKenna to make a funny face but she was into some serious artwork. Boy I wish I knew what she was drawing. Carson, however, is always ready to put his silly face on. I am reminded daily how blessed we are to have such fun kids. Each so different in their own way. God, you are so good!!!
Now, everyone go out and put your Silly Face on!!!