Monday, July 20, 2009


Clayton at All-Star game.

Clayton and Memaw at 5th grade award ceremony

He has the best buds!!!! John Reid, Robert, and Aaron

Mrs. Welch-Awesome teacher

Mrs. Cab- Awesome teacher and Below Mr. Hodges and Clayton

Today, is Bragging on Clayton day. I love my kiddos and I am dedicating a blog to each of them. Clayton, being my first born kiddo is the first.
The most important reason I love this kiddo so much is that He accepted Christ as His Saviour this summer. I couldn't be more happy to know that His home will be in Heaven with me and his dad.
Clayton is an amazing student. Don't know where that came from!!!! But I take all the credit!! He has an amazing love of the written word. I almost grounded him one evening for reading with his flashlight when I told him it was time for bed. LOVE IT!! His favorite books are the Eragon series, Alex Rider series, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, yes Twilight!!, really anything that grabs his attention. He has read so many books I can't remember them all. He memorized all of the first chapter of John for LTC. He has an amazing memory, again don't know where he got it. I can't remember what I ate last week!!! He loves baseball-playing and watching- I do know where he got that from-his Big Daddy!!!
He had great teachers this year in 5th grade that encouraged his strengths and didn't try to tame him. We have been blessed with great teacher all through his Intermediate years.
He also looks just like his dad! I just birth them, you know!! They look nothing like me!
Well, thanks for bearing with me as I pump up my children ( that will probably never read this)
I am so blessed!!!


Sada said...

what a beautiful child!! I know where he got it...from you!! Glad you are posting sweet things about your babies. They deserve it xoxoxo

Lacy said...

I second that Sada...Alice your a terrific mom and Clayton is becoming a super young man!

Alice said...

Thank You ladies. I can't wait to see what awesome men your boys will become. It is such an amazing responsibility to raise boys.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!!!what a beautiful child!!!!so cute... Thanks for posting such a sweet things about your baby...
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