Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Honoring Texas History

Battle of San Jacinto
Little did we know, but the Fraley family had three ancestors who fought at the Battle of San Jacinto. Monday, the Historical Group in Madisonville honored those men from Madison County who fought by holding a ceremony at the courthouse. Our Clayton answered roll call for those three men. Because we had several ancestors who fought, the State Flag that was flown over the State Capital was flown in Clayton's name. Too Cool!!!!! He will be recieving the flag in the coming weeks.


ko said...

that is so cool....Dave had a texas flag flown over the capital for my moms 50th b-day...they have it now and had it framed at a frame hangs in their house now and looks GREAT! what a cool thing for Clayton to do!

The Rose Fam said...

Hey Fraley Fam! Welcome to BLOG land! That is some cool history

Lacy said...

Super post!!!! Love it.