Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garage Sale Time

Sheree Wiseman and I will be having a garage sale this Friday and Saturday at Sheree's house in Midway. Sheree is moving so she will have a ton of things in the sale. I am finally cleaning out McKenna's closet. I have baby girl clothes from 0-24months. Many of you know that I have 5 nieces. Therefore I have at least 200+ baby outfits. Not one of these outfits are over $4. Most are $1. I also have a baby crib mattress, a baby girl crib bedding from Canton, a glider and ottoman, 2 recliners, carseat, etc. For my friends, I don't mind early shoppers Thursday night, just please call me and let me know when you want to come. I will be moving my stuff to Sheree's around 8, so it needs to be before that time.


Lacy said...

Ill be there, pre sale shopper headin to MITWAY!!! Hey, why am I saying MITWAY, I better watch it...Ill soon be spending a whole lot of time there. See you tomorrow maybe! xoxoxoxxoxo Miss ya.

Lacie said...

Hey there...best of luck with the garage sale! I did that last week and I had a GREAT turn out! Just a thought.. I don't know if you guys are gonna have the kids there to help but if you are, we let the kids sell bottled water at our sale and they made themselves some spending cash. They had fun! Smiles... Lacie