Monday, December 1, 2008


When one takes their life most of us wonder how their could be no hope in that person's life.  

I have never felt hopeless.  Why, because I am so blessed to have a supporting family,
supportive friends, and a God that promises He will never leave or forsake me.  
Even in my darkest moments ( and believe me, there have been some ugly dark times) I know 
that there is someone who I can talk to.  
This is why having a church family is so important.  This is why having christian friends are vital.  
This is why having a christian husband is my most prized possesion.  
I never want anyone I know  to ever feel helpless or hopeless.  I hope through tragedy we can all learn to watch out for people who feel life is no longer worth it.   I ask for forgiveness that I didn't reach out. That I didn't show that God has a purpose for everyone.  God had blessed me and I know i don't deserve it.  But because I am a child of God I receive his blessings and here are some of them. My family holding hands before thanksgiving dinner. Each person telling what they are thankful for.  Truly a perfect moment.  
Oh, and pics of the turkey will come later!!!!


Jill said...

I am thankful for you and your sweet friendship!!

Lacy said...

You are precious to me and I do hope you know that. I love the peeks into the day on your Thanksgiving. I know you were a great hostess.Love ya!

Sada said...

Alice -- you are wonderful and are so blessed with a full life of people who love you (including me). I am so thankful for your family.