Friday, May 9, 2008

What is a Mother!!

We used to make fun of those typical Mother's Day cards that start with.."What is a Mother?" In fact, we would try to find one with the most glitter and flowers to give to my mom as a joke. My mom is not a glittery kind of gal. But she is an amazing mother. Trying to find the right mother's day card is daunting( especially here at our Madisonville Walmart) So I will try to tell in my own words what my Mother means to me.


Mom would tell me the truth to just about any question

(except sex-related questions-too embarrassing)


My mom is indeed beautiful inside and out

(She is practically wrinkle-free and usually washes

her face with plain soap and water)


She has an unrelenting amount of Faith. Her love

For Christ shows in her Truth and Beauty.

(She had faith in me!!! Proof of abounding faith)


Even though our definition of fun may differ,

Her sense of humor is incredible.

(Ask me about practicle jokes she has pulled off)


My first friend. I have to share her with many

other women who call her a friend.

(She has had friends for 40 years + that she is

still close to.)


She attends more funerals than weddings, more hospital rooms on

ICU ward, than new baby ward.

(She has even logged time in the courthouse to support others who have

loved ones on trial)


40+ years of marriage. Enough said about Godliness

My siblings and I try to imitate her dedication to her husband.

So, that is my Hallmark Card for my Mom. Minus the glitter and flowers, but covered in truth.

I Love You

To all my friends that are mothers or Mothers -to -Be
Happy Mothers Day
You inspire me to be a better Mom.
I hope that you are served breakfast in bed Sunday
Sticky pancakes and all!!!
Enjoy your special day!!!!


ko said...

Precious! Absolutely PRECIOUS! Your mom seems so sweet! The apple doesnt fall far from the tree!

Sada said...

how sweet.....To MOMS!! Cheers! your mom is so cute. Kenna is so precious. OMGosh she and Landon could be siblings!