Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My little McKenna is now three. How can this happen? It is so hard to imagine that she is now potty trained, has a big girl bed( no rails), can dress herself(sorta), has so many opinions that she will tell you all about, still sucks her thumb, has a favorite color(pink), has several boyfriends(Rayce Hudson, baby Dylan Blakeley, Mason Railsback, Clay Williams) this is what we get for letting her stay at an all boy daycare!!!! She has so much love in her for so many people. She still loves her Lala and Lulu(Rick and Michelle) She loves to talk on the phone to Lacy, Mady and Lane Kelso. Her favorite person on the planet is her Memaw!!! and Papa Jim of course. She prays every meal time for everything on her plate and everybody at the table. Too precious.


Lacy said...

What a beautiful girl!!!! I love these pictures. My girl is so cute. I just love her and how she says Lacy. Happy Third Birthday Mckenna!!!!

ko said...

ohhh she is so adorable! :)
Check your email...I sent you 2 emails today!

Lacie said...

Wow, Dylan has some competition at Miss Virginia's..... what is a girl to do? LOL
"Kenna" is too precious! You have a very sweet little girl Alice. I can't believe she is three...our babies are growing up too fast!

Carrie said...

Happy birthday Mckenna!!!! Those pics are precious! Alice, I've missed your posts! Welcome back girl!