Friday, September 26, 2008

My New Favorite Obsession

During our Hurricane Ike experience, I spent the week with my awesome parents in Athens. PawPaw took us to the zoo. It was McKenna's first trip to the Caldwell Zoo. We went to the park. We were so blessed to have a place with electricity. And then it happened....We had dinner at my brother Philip and his wife Tyna's house and here is where i tasted my new obsession.


Oh, sweet heaven. Thank you God for creating these lovely people who created UGLY MUG coffee. They deserve extra jewels in their crowns!!!! First, the name is too funky and cute and the package is a hoot!!!! But the taste is divine!!!!!!!! I usually have to jazz (thanks Kyley) my coffee up with sweet and low and sugar-free creamer. Sweet and low and Splenda( i just realized this, thank God I am finished baby-making!!!) My bro and sis-in-law had neither so I drank it naked. It was to die for.

Of course, she got this on a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama so I am on a mission to find it here. Of course I haven't been able to look for it anywhere because I am doing triple duty until my Baby comes home, but I promise I will not quit till it is found!! I have been dreaming of a hot mug with my cute Anita Renfro mug for a week now!!! So, to my sweet friends if you are at a specialty gift shop or someplace really cool, look for this coffee. I will be eternally in your service, I will babysit, dogsit, housesit, clean your feet, whatever!!! Then we will sit in our mansions and drink coffee like the queens we are!!!!


Sandel said...
Looks like you can order online :) I may have to give it a try.

Lacie said...

ok... i am not a coffee fan, but the name and packaging is super cute. I love the fall pictures on the older post too.... I am looking for a pumpkin patch to take the kids to, do you know of one around here? Last year we took them to Brookshire TX, but I wondered if there was one closer. Have a GREAT weekend!

ko said...

you are so funny, and a very good writer I must add. I need to get that coffee so I dont have to JAZZ it up so much!!! LOVE YOU MISS YOU

Carrie said...

Ugly Mug??? Why can't it be Beautiful Mug??? I don't know that I need anymore UGLY in my life!!! So glad you have your hubby home for afew days!

Lacy said...

Love the gift header!!!! Happy Tuesday. Have a good day!I had messed up email yesterday...I got your at 10:30 last night!