Monday, September 8, 2008

I've Been Tagged- again

I'm still not sure what I need to be doing with all this tagging stuff. Sounds pretty difficult to me. So I don't embarrass myself, I believe I am suppossed to tell 7 strange things about myself and then tag other people right? Ok, here goes.

1. I was a music theater major in college. I thought I was going to be the next Barbara Streisand. I love to sing, but don't really make that public knowledge.

2. I have a horrible fear of my children getting run over by a lawn mower. Anxiety triples in the spring and summer months. I love the first frost!!!

3. I was also a dance major for a semester at SHSU. I can even do the catapiller.

4. I can stand on my head for long periods of time. My kids love it. This is the only reason they think I'm cool.

5. If I could live at the beach, I would. I am my happiest watching my kids play in sand or trying to catch a wave on a buggy board.

6. I have this insane fear of disappointing people. It is sometimes very hard to deal with.

7. I love love love my wonderful friends. I think I have the best and I would love to have more. the more the merrier has always been my motto.


Ok there it is. Hope you all still love me. As for tagging other people well, Rishanne, Michelle, Denise S. Sheree, Boo!!! You are tagged.


Sada said...

I love it. I had no idea you were so talented!!! You need to be plays, on broadway, in musicals!!

ko said...

I am cracking up! I LOVE BARbARA......and you..I had no Idea you danced and sing......WHAT IN THE world...I mean I knew you could rap.......HAHA
you absolutely crack me up!
love you