Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

O.K. here goes. I am not a writer, hence the degree in public speaking, but I have been led by the Spirit to write my heart today. Many of my friends know that I struggle with migraines almost weekly sometimes. I take medicine daily to prevent the migraines, but the side-effects are so bizzare ( numbness in my face and hands, terrible nightmares) I have meds to help when I have a migraine, but it knocks me out. Hard to run a house of three hoodlums when you are dead asleep. There has been tremendous stress I have laid upon our household lately and that doesn't help with the head at all. I feel like half a wife, half a mom, half a friend, half a faithful servant. So, where do I go from here. I GO UP!!!!!!!!!

Sunday night Matt and I laid in bed an prayed together. We prayed over everything. EVERYTHING. I felt the weights lifting as Matt spoke to God. I felt God's arms rocking me to my first full nights sleep in over 2 weeks. No headache for three days now. Why? I decided not to play doctor. I decided not to be the head decision maker in my house. I gave that job to our heavenly father. I decided to pray.

So many of my friends are suffering physically and I truly believe that Satan is using stress to compound our sufferings. Satan knows that when we are stressed we cannot effectively be who we want to be. Stress is killing me and I can see it. I am rebuking stress and satan in the name of my heavenly father. I am rebuking stress in my friends lives in the the name of our father.

Please read all of Romans 8 and 12 while you are at it. Nothing can seperate us from our Father and we are more than conquerors and overcomers in this life through the blood of Jesus. Through Christ we can overcome our fears and stress.

I feel better already.


Lacy said...

AMEN SISTA!!!!! Keep it UP UP UP and I will too. I will pray for NO headaches and my tooth feels better today and I know it from that prayer!Hope today is going great!

Erica said...

I think your post is just what I needed to read! I am starting dealing with the stress of these 38 young people that rely on me everyday and I have to remember to not let that take control of me!

Sada said...

You preach it girl. I love it! GOD CAN DO ANYTHING. Calused knees. I have prayed for God to help me overcome and get through some things in my life (minor - no worries) and I KNOW He has been at work. I know because I know in my flesh I could not over come them. God is good ALL THE TIME. I love you girl - I'm so glad your headaches are gone.