Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Turkey day at My House!?!?!

Oh, holy granola!!!

I will hopefully be having all the fam at my home for Thanksgiving. Do you know what

this means?? Cooking the hallowed bird. This is major important stuff at our house,

speaking of stuffing... I've never cooked it before. YIKES!!!

So, to anyone who reads this blog. I am reaching out through modern technology for some

major advice,recipes, help.... You know ... any great tips from you guys.

I have visions of the perfectly decorated table...

Everyone in cute sweaters

Children playing outside in the snow, just kidding, I live in Texas. (hopefully we can put away the plastic pool)Har Har.

Please send any advice so that my dreams don't turn into some crazy movie( Christmas Vacation)

And yes, I am a month early. But how much fun will this be to stress over for 29 days!!!!!!!


Lacy said...

I would make a Griswald turkey....so sorry no advice here...but much luck sent your way. You don't need help decorating ...your great at that!!!

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

I tagged you in my blog. Hope you play along!

Charlie's MOM said...

I suggest Mom's dressing recipe...it was my Dad's mother's and is tried and true. I've had it every Thanksgiving since I could sit up. Seriously good stuff...ing!


Monica Squiers said...

Good luck! I have never had the honor of hosting such a big event yet so I have no tips. I bet it will all turn out great.

Janet said...

Great blog! I found you on Lori's of I'm NO super mom! Can't wait to see your list of Random things.