Friday, October 17, 2008

You won't believe this

If you look back a couple of blogs, you will read the praises of Ugly Mug Coffee.

Well..... Monday I received an email from the founder of Ugly Mug thanking me for the kind

words. In appreciation they wanted to send me free coffee.

Now, believe me, I was sceptical. No one sends me free stuff, just because.

But Lo and Behold

A package arrived at my office, via, UPS, from Ugly Mug.

Inside were, not one, but two bags, "Saving Grace" blend and

"hazelnut" blend. but wait...... they also sent the kiddos a can of hot chocolate.

Are you believing this???? For real!!!!!!! But I'm not done. He sent my Brother a box.

YES, I'm not lying!!!!!

Enclosed was the sweetest card "Let's make Texas Ugly" again from Mark the Founder


For any of you crazy Moms who are involved in any way with your kids PTO's, they

have fundraiser opportunities for schools. Now I am a big fan of TUBs of cookie dough

(YUK) But what better to go with a warm cookie than hot chocolate and coffee.

So, I am letting you all know what a great company these cool people are.

They are eco-friendly. They are involved in several wonderful organizations that

help third world countries. TOO COOL

Mark, the founder, personally sent me the box with a handwritten letter. (I still

adore handwriten anything) I told him if I wasn't happily married.....well, you know what
I said. Anyhoo, go to the website and visit. Tell them I sent you!!!!
Next time I will be singing the praises of the new Suburban!!!!! Watch what I get in
the mail!!!!!


The Kramer Family said...

Thanks for the sweet comment!

This company sounds awesome. I will most definitely have to check them out! Thanks for sharing.


Sheree said...

Are you getting a new suburban? You are such an incredible person you deserve more free stuff!!!! I have missed you lately! I am gonna have to check out this coffee and the company for sure! Can't wait for Tues. If you need!!!!

Charlie's MOM said...

That is sooo cool! I love the fundraiser idea. Very new idea for around here. I just love the name of the coffee. That's probably why it tastes so good. I'm thankful I'm over the worst of my morning sickness b/c I'd like to give it a try! S

Jennifer P. said...

ooooh! I am going to go sing the praises of a Porsche Boxster and see what happens ;) .... maybe just some good, dark chocolate? I think that is so cool that they got on board with you! I think that's called....a sponsor :)

Thanks so much for the sweet comment! Love your blog too!