Thursday, October 23, 2008

Going All Fallish at my house

In honor of some of my favorite blog sites, I am showing off my very limited talents of decorating. I know I have made some major decor faux-pas, but this is all I can do.

The stars were copied from Kimba at She is totally my hero!!!! They will later become teacher gifts. Shh....don't tell.
The pumpkin was from my terrific mom-in-my heart( hate the term in-law!!!!)
Now she is the decorating diva. her store Larrison Creek has some yummy things for the holidays and stuff just for girlie girls.
Well critic all you want but just say nice things to my face, remember, I'm still hurting from my fight with the you know whats!!!!!!


Lacy said...

Thanks so much for opening your home up for us. I loved all of the decor and you always have it fixed so nice. Everything was so fun and laughter filled. Thanks again.

Spaceofgrace said...

Beautiful!! I wish I had your eye! And I read your post about your fingers... hugs to you. That looks sooo painful. Love your blog. You should add the "followers" thing so I can follow you. :-)

Sada said...

LOVE the fall decor!! Your house is adorable. Thank you for having bunco was so fun!!!!!