Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wild Nights at Bunco

Bunco was too much fun at Lacy's in August. We decided to take a group pic. the first(if i blog it correctly) is normal, but look at the second. Someone suggested to everybody to "close your eyes and open them real wide". It is hilarious. We are crazy girls!!!!! They said it made your eyes bright. I think we look like we are trying not to look drunk!!! We aren't drunk, by the way!!! But anyho, I think i have the most beautiful friends ever. And can you believe they are more gorgeous on the inside? How lucky am I !!!!! I can see Christ in each of them. I see great moms or great friends or great wives, can't you see it too?
Yes you are seeing double, I just don't know how to erase the small picture from my blog.


Lacie said...

Oh my... what a great group of ladies... looks like you guys have a BLAST!
As far a McKenna goes...I will take her--She is never out of the running! She is Precious... Diddle love his "Kenna"!
You have such sweet kiddos... all of them!

Jill said...

Ok--I am so glad you didn't include the picture of me doing crazy things with my foot. They are very beautiful ladies--and so are you!!!

Sheree said...

I am jealous and sad and miss everyone so very much.....ahhhhh! love you.. Beautiful ladies!

Lacy said...

That 2nd one is HILARIOUS!!!!

Sada said...

Love it! Alice, I agree. these girls are beautiful, wonderful, kind, loving, gentle, love the Lord, and the list goes on.....I'm so sad I missed September! I'll be there this month!!!