Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Missing my camera!!!!

I have been lost for a month and a half without my camera. Hubby had to take it on the road with him. So now my memory card has 500 pics of damaged roofs, missing siding, or fallen fences. I know that I will soon be reunited with my baby( and my husband!!!) But till then, I have to go way back into my files for pics. I did run across this one.

With the help of Jill, Hillary, Lacy, and Rishanne, We had a great time celebrating my B-Day at Abuelos and helping me shop for my cruise !!!!!-They were my fashion police( think- What Not To Wear) I bought this dress for my Cruise in August. It was a steal for $25 at Dillards. Yes-way!!!! I am not kidding. The wrap was curtesy of Rishanne. It was perfect and it hid my arms( my worst feature-besides my thighs.) I had to throw in this pic of Hubby. That's where he wanted to stay the whole cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the midnight buffet with lots of Chocolate and jazzy fruit.

You know, we really did have a good time, despite all the dissappointments along the way. ( I'll never see Cozamel)

And, we got to eat fish tacos at my favorite restaurant in Galveston before Hurricane Ike. I don't know what happened to Shrimp and Stuff, but I can't imagine it not being there. It was a landmark in my food obsessed mind.

Looking back, I can appreciate just the time Hubby and I got to spend together, now that he has been away for over a month. God has a way of putting things into perspective.


Lacy said...

Ok That is the best pic of you EVER!!!! I want to steal it. You look so hot! And that has nothing to do with the shopping trip to pick the dress....its all you baby! I love these pics and that pic really is a framer! Miss ya tons!

Sada said...

All I can say is OOOOOOO LLLLLLLAAA LLLLLLLLLLAAAAAA! You are hot! And so is Matt -- Praying for you to be back together soon xooxoxoxxoxo

shauna maness said...

i love your blog!!!

don't worry about the mis-read...

you can catch me in Texas in the spring!!!

thanks for all the blog love!!!

Sheree said...

HOT MAMA!!!!! I love it...you looked so GREAT! Matt is a lucky Man!!love you!!!